Center for Online Safety

Are you concerned for your child’s wellbeing as they navigate the vast web and its many dark corners, but overwhelmed by the prospect of providing them with the comprehensive foundations you know they need? Are you an educator or administrator seeking to cultivate best practices for protecting children online? Do you work within the tech space, and give care to safe design? If any of the prior statements are true, the Center for Online Safety is here for you. Founded and directed by Lisa Honold, this national advocate for the development of digital citizenship amongst young people places emotional and behavioral awareness at the forefront of safe screen use, aiming to protect new citizens of the internet from predators, bullying, exploitation, and their own worst instincts. The Center for Online Safety partners with like-minded organizations to create life-saving legislation, offers private coaching, courses in online safety, and virtual consultations. For a wealth of current and relevant resources, check out their blog, newsletter, and podcast, Unplug and Plug In.

Topics: Cyberbullying , Digital Citizenship , Digital Wellbeing , Online Safety , Persuasive Technology Design , Positive Social Norms , Youth Advocacy