Key Research

Daily Multidimensional Racial Discrimination among U.S. American Adolescents

Key Takeaways: 

  • Racial discrimination occurs individually, vicariously, online, offline, and in teasing.
  • Black adolescents average over five racial discrimination experiences per day.
  • Online experiences are more common than offline experiences.
  • Daily racial discrimination predicts short-term increases in depressive symptoms.


LiveMore ScreenLess’ Summary

This review investigated how often and how it affected people psychologically when they were exposed to racial discrimination daily, whether in person, virtually, or through teasing. This ecological momentary assessment study examined daily racial discrimination in conjunction with 14-day depression symptoms. The participants were 101 Black U.S. American teens.  Six subscales were shown through the data: individual general, vicarious general, individual online, vicarious online, individual teasing, and vicarious teasing. Over the course of the study, participants reported 5606 instances of racial discrimination, with an average of 5.21 incidents per day across the six subscales.

Devin English, Sharon F. Lambert, Brendesha M. Tynes, Lisa Bowleg, Maria Cecilia Zea, Lionel C. Howard, Daily multidimensional racial discrimination among Black U.S. American adolescents, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Volume 66, 2020.

Topics: Equity , Racial Discrimination

Year: 2020

Participants: 101 Black U.S. American Adolescents