Spark & Stitch Institute

For those who are curious about digital well-being but daunted by abstract data, Spark & Stitch Institute takes the translational task as their own. With over thirty years of collective experience serving parents and educators by interpreting research in adolescent development and digital media, this organization utilizes storytelling and humor to “spark” insight into challenging behaviors, while “stitching” that insight to practical strategies toward meaningful change. At the core of this organization is the belief that connectivity goes hand in hand with courage and vulnerability. Free resources include a parenting blog, a “Resilience Roadmap” for digital well-being, and numerous other guides geared to equip adults with the tools they need to support young people in becoming more connected and courageous. For a fee, self-paced online courses are available on topics such as screen time, parenting teens, setting limits, and even poetic reflection. Spark & Stitch also offers bookings for speaking engagements.

Topics: Parenting , Youth Advocacy