Digital Wellbeing Certification (Higher Education)


Educate, Equip, and Certify Digital Wellbeing Educators and Adult Facilitators on your campus and at your school

Our training and certification process educates, inspires, uplifts, and creates community, connection, and conversation. We train higher education staff, college students, and secondary school educators to support a shift toward Digital Wellbeing practices and promotion.



Steps 1 & 2:
Get Activated and Equipped

Start having deeper conversations with young people today.

Digital Wellbeing Activation Module
Research, data, Youth Voice, and practice of Digital Wellbeing

Facilitated Discussion Instruction Module
Necessary theory, skills, and practice

Step 3:
Go Deeper
Create deeper thinking through ongoing conversations to promote sustained changes and Digital Wellbeing practices.

Facilitator & Peer Educator Toolkit
A series of activities to support Digital Wellbeing, including Student Leadership Activities (created for and with young people)

Implementation Coaching
LiveMore ScreenLess staff will provide an overview and guidance for successful implementation of the toolkit

Step 4:
Get Certified
Bring all that you’ve learned back to your community.

Certification Process
Training application, reflection, and evaluation
Guidance from Digital Wellbeing experts
Annual recertification available

Virtual Coaching Meetings
Reflect and process learnings
Apply and practice Facilitated Discussions and Student Leadership Activities