Contest Winner (Second Place): Martin Villalba

Young Leaders In Action

Name: Martin Villalba

What is the inspiration behind your project?: After the terrible events that have occurred in recent years, society has established close ties with technology; many children, adolescents, and adults had to use them to work, study and fulfill daily activities and responsibilities. The consequences appear when the excessive use of screens has become a habit, many young people deal with health, mental and social problems thanks to the misuse of technology. We have to act quickly because the majority of young people put the use of screens before everything else, lowering their academic and social life, with this many other aspects are derived.

Reflect on what you hope to communicate through your project: I hope that this project shows that there is a life outside the screens. It is essential to know how to create balance to meet our daily obligations, academic preparation, and also our forms of entertainment.

How do you hope your project will make an impact for yourself and/or others? : My main goal is to impact each person who has an addiction or spends a lot of time in front of a screen. The impact that I want to cause is that they discover the different ways of entertainment that exist outside of a screen, it is also expected that they learn to use and organize their time productively.